Yesterday evening I was walking over to Safeway to get some ice cream. Halfway through the Safeway block, I looked up and saw Lisa walking toward me. I was a little surprised – this isn’t her neighborhood.

When I said “Hi, how you doing?” and she started to respond, the guy that she was walking with made some quick gesture that I didn’t catch and just kept walking, not missing a stride. As that happened I almost caught a puzzled expression on her face – as imperceptible as his gesture had been. If not for these ticks, I would have thought that they weren’t together, that they just happened to be walking at the same pace.

We stood there puzzling over the situation for a minute, she asked me if the Indian restaurant a few doors down was good, and we sort of confirmed our vague plans to “do something sometime” (recycling part of a previous phone conversation). We parted, and she headed over to the Indian restaurant to rejoin the mystery man.

Now I can ask her what that was about. It’ll be fun because it’ll be weeks from now and the whole play-by-play will be more complicated than if I’d asked about it as it happened.

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