List-maker’s Return

I’m not so much writing as I am listing. In place of 1, 2, 3’s, I’m using “I said”, “I went”, “anyway”, and “so”. Inspiration strikes, I may just as well compose a top ten bands list.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to make a list of favourite They Might Be Giants songs– an interesting exercise only because they’re a band not on my short-list. Anyway, I would ask a mix-tape of these songs, but that’d hamper with your time.

    The bread I’m eating right now, from a baker, is really tasty.

    What do you think of the files I have up to so far?

    The url I linked is to a message board I’m going to be moderating shortly. First topic I’ll introduce as moderator– in charge of a number of things, including making sure there’s an ebb and flow, will be stolen and slightly reworked to fit spirituality, from the first story in Raw Vol 2 No.3. I don’t expect too many responses, but I just desire to to be goofy.

  2. Way back when I made a series of tapes that had every They Might Be Giants song in alphabetical order. I guess this would be a much easier feat in these days of MP3s and CD burners. I felt guilty about keeping your best of Talking Heads tape, so I listened to it, ripped the same songs from my collection, and was going to burn them on CDs for you. I stopped when I realized that my plan to fill the rest of the second CD with non-album Byrne tracks didn’t quite make a cohesive package (plus some of the extras are from in-print compilations that neither of us own and I haven’t crossed that line before).

    Yes those big hearty loaves of bread are a meal in themselves. I’ve never considered that expensive bread might make a good staple for starving students.

    I still like the alien abduction story a lot. I don’t remember seeing the Slouchers’ VH1 Behind the Music page before. I wonder if the Pinkwater link page might be better organized by category. Would you prefer having your files in a “Howie” directory or something, I notice that you don’t use “Justin” on anything.

    There’s a panel from that Raw story in the latest Comics Journal. I’ll have to read that again.

  3. The bread was on sale. It was so good, I had to redefine my definition of the concept of “bread”.

    I read the Comics Journal. It’s in the public library- every issue since #201, excepting the Decarlo one. Is that the anniversary issue?

    When I turned in a revised version of the alien abduction story, slightly revised and slightly cleaner, to a creative writing professor I got the criticism that the aliens were not characterized enough, a criticism which annoyed me in that the story with fully-realized aliens would have been very dreadful.

    I don’t know how I’d condense the TH catalouge into 90 minutes of “best of” these days.

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