Not So Minty

I’d just gotten a new box of Sudafed and opened it on the way out of the store. I walked around the corner outside while pressing one of the little plastic bubbles so that the pill would break through the foil card on the other side. I tried to choke the pill down without a cup of water; it didn’t quite make it. It stuck to the back of my tongue and started to dissolve. The bitter medicine spread through my mouth. So I stopped under a bus shelter and concentrated on gulping the pill down. I continued down the hill, fishing around in my backpack for mints. I found the mints as I was crossing into the street. I cracked open the tin and the wind immediately caught hold of the little fold of paper wrapped around the mints. The paper blew out into the street and the mints went out after it. I ended up with an empty tin in my right hand and one mint in my left, not sure if I’d gotten hold of the mint before the tin’s contents blew out or if I’d caught it in mid-air.

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