Ten True Things and One Foolish Thing

  • Attractive women would prefer receiving more speeding tickets.
  • Protestants are more suceptible to altitude sickness than Catholics, and Catholics are more suceptible to motion sickness than Protestants.
  • Chefs on the east coast will only serve asparagus that’s been quartered lengthwise.
  • A pimple in between the eyebrows is a sign of wisdom.
  • Left-handed people are childish.
  • Politicians read the comics first.
  • Cat owners drink chocolate milk.
  • Middle children finish their dinner more quickly than their older and younger siblings.
  • Insomniacs are good at locating misplaced items.
  • Doctors read to their children more than lawyers do.
  • Sitcom writers prefer Pepsi to Coke.
  • Smokers enjoy the company of celebrities.
  • Men with uneven sideburns are untrustworthy.
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