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I took the bike out for a long ride on Sunday. The odometer clocked it at about 14 miles. Yesterday I took it out for errands and ended up riding five miles total. My apartment is on a hill, so the last length of any ride is pretty steep, and it’s really worn me down each time. I’m taking this too seriously. It’s fun, but that last part of the trip is pretty discouraging.

The guy who sold me the bike has a nice set of landscape photos on his site, by the way.

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  1. Just think of the butt muscles you are making though! And pretty soon, you will be able to take that hill with gusto…

  2. I, too, have started out on my bicycle because the weather is better. I tried to ride it every day for two weeks and found myself pleasantly tired out. Keep up the good work. Not only is Kate right about the butt muscles, you are also keeping mother nature happy! Cheers!

  3. Lol, Jeff! I thought everything boiled down to butt muscles… Maybe that’s just me. ‘Cause I don’t have any and I’m jealous. I will go dust off my bicycle now.

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