Fruit and Vegetables

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The food pyramid only applies to people who were born after 1982. The rest of us live under the authority of the four food groups. But in a filmstrip in second grade, Jiminy Cricket went on about the virtues of the five food groups. The fruit and vegetables group was divided into the fruit group and the vegetable group. After the movie, Miss Carlson had to run damage control. “You see what they did there? They put fruit and vegetables into separate food groups,” she told us.

Fruit and vegetables are in separate groups on the food pyramid. (Do we still get to call them groups?) Jiminy Cricket was before his time.

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  1. What a cute duck. The colors are so vibrant! His glowing blue-green head, his neon orange webbed feet.
    Now, what food group would he fall into?

  2. well we are extremely appaled at the misleading concept that you have produced whilst we were busily looking for school work. we thought we would find info here,only to be mislead at the sight of a duck. i bid you (no) good day.

  3. i am a budding vegetarian looking for vegetarian recipies,are you trying to wind me up by showing me a duck that is in appaling conditions with its leg kind of…tucked in his belly?. you CRUEL creatures. my gypsy friend willl now curse u forever more.

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