Crisis of Truths

[Street blurred through rained-on window]

Waiting an hour in a 3 Minute Loading Zone

There are more true facts now then there have been at any other time in our history.

Not only has the volume of true facts increased dramatically in recent years, but modern facts are truer than the facts from our grandparents’ days. The average fact of 2000 was 5.2% truer than the facts from the year 1900.

Who among us can separate Truths from those things that are merely true? The child who pointed out that the emperor wears no clothes was himself wearing mismatched socks.

Truth is, I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and am putting it here because I have no other words to go with this photo.

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  1. I guess Movable Type rebuilds have a dependency on Javascript, so I can’t build the next entry from here unless I add a comment to this one. I wonder if there are any Palm-based MT API tools.

  2. Looks like it rebuilt the main page and the Jan. archive, but not the next entry’s own page. I was thinking that might happen.

    Oh well.

  3. And it won’t allow comments to be added on the new entry–it takes me to a file not found page.

    As I was going to say–New toys!

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