Snow Day

Today was a full-on Snow Day and here are the photos. A pack of sledders requisitioned a length of Denny Way that had been closed down. It looks like Mike Whybark and I might have unknowingly crossed paths. Tom Harpel also has photos from the neighborhood.

Update: There are a ton of more photos and stories turning up at Seablogs.


  1. Five days later is the snow still there? It sure is here. I thought about making a snowman the other day, but I had just spent about an hour shovelling in the driveway. The last snowman in our yard was when Justin broke his arm getting off the roof.

  2. Mom,
    The snow was slush the next day and largely gone the day after that.

    The snowman on the roof didn’t really work out as we’d planned, particularly the part with the broken arm.

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