Garden Burger with Pickles

If you order the garden burger off the sandwich menu, it’ll cost $7.25. On the burger menu, a basic hamburger costs $7.25. But a note at the end of the burger menu says that a garden burger patty or a chicken breast can be substituted for an extra fifty cents. That garden burger will cost you $7.75. The menu is still internally consistent: The garden burger on the sandwich menu has onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. The hamburger has all that, plus it has pickles. An “add pickles: 50 cents” note could be added to the sandwich menu for clarification.

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  1. I usually get a regular cheese burger with bleu cheese as my cheese choice, no pickles or mayo (substitute a boca patty for 50cents) Then ask for a bottle of A-1.

    It’s cheaper that way than ordering the burger that comes with bleu cheese and A-1, and cheaper than adding cheese to the Boca burger selection.

    Actually, to Ken’s embarrasment, it usually goes like this: “Cheese burger with bleu cheese, no pickles, no onions, no mayo, extra tomatoes, a boca patty, and fresh fruit instead of fries. Could you bring us a bottle of A-1 also.”

  2. garden burgers are much tastier than boca burgers.
    Rachel, you are so silly (how often do they get your order correct?)!
    I actually had a gardenburger at Red Robin tonight…I considered getting the mushroom swiss burger, but it was $8 and change and I’d have to Pay the 50 cents to substitute the garden burger, so I decided to get the $7 gardenburger…funny that it was all before I read Jeff’s blog! They had left it under the warmer too long, and Greg made them take it back and fix me another one…I would have just eaten it…

  3. They get my order correct every time we go…


    Personally, I have no problem sending things back if they’re not how I ordered. Bigger tip and fill out a nice compliment card if they get it right the first time. :)

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