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[Cloud over the Seattle skyline]

I live in that building there — the one in the middle, The Washington Mutual Tower, up on the fiftieth floor. It’s pretty nice, but it can be a pain when the dog wants to go out. We have to go all the way down for him to do his business, and then we have to go all the way back up again.

And I have a dog. I live in that building and I have a dog.

The bank is just downstairs, which is convenient. But there aren’t any grocery stores in walking distance. Rent is easy to afford — it’s only $36 a month — but I had to make a non-refundable pet deposit (for the dog that I have).

The dog doesn’t really get along with some of the neighbors, so I try to keep them apart.

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  1. We stayed in a high rise hotel on a recent trip and hadn’t really thought about “the dog” issue. At home you just let him out the back door and say “go into the woods.” That took a few weeks training.

    Think of the training for “get in the elevator, go down to the lobby, exit the side door, walk two blocks, and take this damn bag with you but don’t bring it back.”

    Nice building.

  2. 36 USD a month is a little steep for me. maybe 30 but that’s pushing it. By n By its alright i guess.

  3. Hello — stumbled onto this page while trying to learn more about blogs…I only discovered them yesterday. Would someone mind confirming/clarifying that you pay 30 – 36/sq foot? So you pay $40,000/month for a 1100 square foot space?

  4. RyBo: The Washington Mutual Tower is presumably asking $36/sqare foot rather than $36 for the entire office as I claimed in this little absurdist fiction. Sorry about leading you on.

    Phil: (getting back into character for a moment) my dog prefers the vault over the teller stations.

  5. To those who are still confused, my son writes delightful observations of life going by, and occasional clever bits of fiction. You sometimes have to think to figure out which is which.

    He takes rather luscious pictures of Seattle scenes, though he rejected the offer of a camera to take to Europe a few years ago. He lives in a studio apartment on Capitol Hill, and does not own a pet. However, if he did have a dog, it would definitely have to like to walk.

    To Jeff, couldn’t you have waited till very early April?

  6. Hey Jeff… I think it’s adorable that your mom comments on your blog. :) My mom visits my site, but then sends me IMs or emails. It’s just not the same…

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