I’m back on Eastlake, back at that coffee shop. There’s a crowd in the back gathered around a table. The table is covered in glasses of coffee, bowls of dark roasted beans, and a variety of coffee accessories. It’s a coffee tasting. The tasters slurp frequent sloppy spoonfuls of dark coffee. After each slurp, the taster stops and freezes his facial expression while he tries to measure his reaction to the latest vintage.

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  1. Do they spit it out like at a wine tasting? Or is the panel twitching rubbing their teeth, and trying to bum a breath mint by the end?

  2. OMG! First of all, I just stumbled accidently upon the other side — not realizing there were two blogs in one — or not noticing before. Wonderful discovery! I can’t wait to sink down into the sofa and read all. I especially enjoyed a good chuckle at the bert n’ ernie homeland security graphic.

    Second of all, to one of my very favorite writers and fellow Northwestern countrymen:

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! I hope you have a delightful day and evening with lots of laughter and cuddles.

  3. Jerry: No spitting as far as I could tell.

    Kate: Thanks for the compliments, which this time should be shared with my brother Justin, who is writing the election blog that you found. Also, happy Valtentine’s Day to you!

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