Crazy Chicks

In winter 1997, several of my coworkers and I worked for a month at Amazon’s Delaware warehouse. At the end of our first day there, Glenn and I were waiting in the break room, as the rest of the Seattle group was finishing up before heading back to the hotel. A local named Donnie was in the breakroom talking to us. This is what he said: “The University of Delaware is the second biggest party college in the country. I go down there all the time. And I know everyone, so if you want to party some weekend, I can set you up. The bitches, . . .” here he hesitated and decided to backpedal a bit, “. . . uh — the girls — are all crazy chicks though.” We didn’t react, so he clarified the last part for us, “I don’t mean they’re bad looking, . . . I mean that they’re hoes.”

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  1. sounds like a typical misogynist double-standard-loving sorry excuse for a man. (please d not think that i put all men in this category, just the ones who refer to girls as “bitches” and girls that like to get laid as much as they do “hos”)

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