In Lieu of Real Birds

[fluffy chick]

Last week Samantha’s store received two new deliveries of bird products. There was new ceramic chicken inventory and a box of six dozen yellow craft chicks. These guys are made from real feathers and lightweight synthetic bodies. Every bird is unique, but they’re variations of three basic poses. There’s the one shown here. Another pose has the bird’s head tipped a smidgen to the side. The third is like the first, except that the bird’s eyes and beak are glued to the back of its head. The chicks are priced to sell – only $5 apiece.

Samantha’s boss is entertained that I’ve been tracking the various birds that have been in and out of the store, and she let Samantha know that I should take one home. I chose one with a backwards head.

Last time I promised a shipment of taxidermied baby chicks. Now I have to report that the order has been canceled. But I’ve heard that there may be a shipment of baby ducks coming along shortly.

When this starts getting too morbid for you, I recommend cleansing yourself with a visit to Sensitive Light‘s recent batch of birdwatching photos.

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