[chalk on sidewalk: "2 ladies conversing"]

On Saturday someone walked up and down Broadway labeling some of the people and things that were found on the sidewalk.

[Women holding "Women in Black" banner]

Earlier in the week I saw this group. They had chosen their own label. Presumably they were protesting something. They just weren’t letting on exactly what it was.

6 thoughts on “Labels

  1. The chalk was still there last night – Sean and I parked at the arrow pointing to “tickets” in front of QFC.

  2. Uh, “someone”? That’s not chalk residue on your fingers, is it? (Just kidding.) I know you are armed with camera at the ready. Your trigger finger must be protected, insured with Lloyd’s of London. Well, it should be.

  3. Despite it being months ago, I feel the need to comment that the guy who was labeling things on Broadway was also dressed as a clown. I sort of assumed it was some sort of vague performance art project (being rather near Cornish and all)…

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