Alki Beach

Samantha and I went down to Alki Beach yesterday. I’d never driven there before, but I found a shortcut and didn’t get lost at all.

It was really nice out. Actually it wasn’t that bad today either. Nice rocks, huh?

It wasn’t especially breezy, but Samantha got just about 99 cents of flying time and at least one new admirer out of her 99 cent kite.

See that building in the middle, …the big one?

Oh, never mind.

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  1. Wow! A 99 cent kite, huh? From the 99 cent store? lol. Samantha has beautiful red hair! It shines brilliantly in the beach sunlight.
    Say, Lady Liberty is lookin’ kinda smug, there. What’s that she’s reading? Too bad we can’t look over her giant shoulder to see. She’s glad she’s so tall: there’s nothing worse than strangers reading over your shoulder.

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