Three Hour Storm

A quick storm hit this evening. It toiled around a bit, downed a powerline on my block, and finished up in a few hours.

I walked down to the waterfront and got a photo for Horizon.

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  1. We had the storm here–wind only. A message scrolled across the TV screen that 4,400 people were without power due to the wind, that it would be out till midnight, that they should not call 911 unless they had an emergency, and that there would be more info on the 11 o’clock news. Now, tell me–what good is that message to those 4,400 people who have no TV signal because–duh!–they have no power?

  2. I love that second shot, with the light reflected off the wet planks. I can just smell it! And the one of Pier 62/63 on your Horizon page — very dynamic. The power surges through ethereal clouds. You are so talented.

    I still can’t figure out how to get my digital out of the box without it fracturing into a million pieces on my lap. I’m afraid of it. There’s no where to put in film…

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