May 2004 Calendar

The printable Beans for Breakfast calendar for May is here. This month’s calendar was prepared with invaluable feedback from Samantha. I thank her and I hope to renew the collaboration at some future date. If you would like to contribute to the June calendar, leave a comment to that effect, and I’ll select an entrant at random.

As always, the calendar is available in two formats. The first file is appropriate for reproduction on letter size paper, as used in the United States and Canada. The second file is optimized for the A4 paper format, as designed by the International Standards Organization/Technical Commitee 6/Work Group 8 under the guiding hand of The Creator, and as used by the rest of the world.

The calendar user accepts all responsiblity if he or she chooses to print from a file that is incompatible with his or her printer paper. Click here [   ]. Okay, Thanks.

Letter Size (104 kb PDF)
A4 Format (104 kb PDF)

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