Missed Pictures

A bright red pint of iced Kool-Aid sits on the table beside a cute mod girl, who leans out over the front edge of her chair on the other side of the window. A large-leaved potted plant pushes into frame. The wall under the window frame is green-painted brick.

Out comes the camera. I push aside the lens cover and nothing happens. The battery is back at home, in its recharger.

There’s a guy leaning back in the sun with his espresso. He wears a red tanktop and his shoulders are already a deep bronze. His short blonde hair pokes up out of a red Chicago Cubs sun visor, worn backwards and upside down.

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  1. Woops! lol. Sorry about that. Some day, solar batteries will be the thing and we will only have to rely on those other things on nuisancy cloudy days.

    Red is the theme color of the day, it sounds like, with green border. I would have really liked to see a pint of iced red Kool-aid… Red was my favorite flavor, growing up.

  2. sometimes you describe the ‘pictures’ better than you show them. i wonder how different my ‘picture’ is from yours?

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