1. I LOVE that bottle profile! Actually I love it all… Now, I’m not an artist, not even what you’d call well-versed in art appreciation, but I think that blue “chicken” is actually a blue whale.

    I like that one of the leaning chimney, with the tree branch seeming to reach up to it, lend it a hand, keep it from falling over.

    They are all beautiful. You are lucky to have such a talented “drive by” artist in your town.

  2. I thought the same thing about the blue chicken, but I think it just has a very large head.

  3. I love the bottle stencils. Excellent! Man, you really have a good eye. I don’t necesarily notice those small things. ;-)

    Hey, will I see you two at the Meetup on Wednesday? I actually plan to GO this time… ;-)

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