Lost Pet

A poster next to the bus stop describes a lost pet, a frog named Hopkin. “Please call me at (206)… or call 911. My name is Terry Chen. My frog hopkin. I can’t find my frog! Who stolen she or he.” There are hand drawn pictures of both the profile and a front view.

A short security guard in a crisp police-style uniform walks straight up to the sign and studies it. She speaks into her CB radio, “It’s dated August 20.”

A voice crackles back at her, “…and it says something about a lost frog?”


“Okay, there are three more of them around the side of the building. Take them down.”

The security guard picks at the tape carefully, like she’s unfamiliar with the material that it’s made from and doesn’t want to damage it or damage herself.

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  1. Next time, remind her that the monetary recompense for security personnel is much more inviting in Iraq.

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