The Stencil Stickerer

Dayvd is the stencil sticker artist and friend of The Bald Man. Here’s his Livejournal and his portfolio-type site.

A couple of weeks ago, a younger guy saw me taking pictures of a Parking sign that had been tagged to oblivion. He stopped and asked me several short questions, losing interest when he worked out that I wasn’t doing my own graffiti. I asked him if he was a tagger, and he gave a dry response, “No. Those kind of people should be put in jail.”

I saw him today when I was walking up Pike after dinner. This time he was tearing away at several layers of posters that were plastered on a blank wall. I’ll have to check up on that spot tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The Stencil Stickerer

  1. I guess I wasn’t very clear. My impression was that his jail comment was facetious, and I figured that the second time I saw him he was prepping the wall for a big piece of graffiti. But I misread him. I checked the wall yesterday, and there were Gay City AIDS awareness flyers up in the spot he’d been clearing.

  2. I wasn’t sure what Samantha was talking about re: the bald man stickers and the “Cornish connection” – but sure enough, Dayvd was in one of my classes at Cornish.

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