July 2004 Print Calendar

A sheet of ISO A4 paper, cut in half, forms two sheets of paper that retain the width/length ratio of the original page – two sheets of ISO A5 paper. Quartered, the sheet of A4 becomes four sheets of A6, and those four sheets will also hold the shape of the original. If a sheet of letter size paper is divided into two, you’re left with two sheets of paper whose width/length ratio doesn’t resemble the original, in a size that has no official name. Two undefined scraps of paper… There’s a certain freedom in that; which is why, while others are celebrating their national holidays next month, I’ll be celebrating letter size paper.

There’s a special focus on the national holiday in the July 2004 Beans for Breakfast print calendar. Also, due to popular demand, the small calendars for the next and previous months have returned. Celebrate July and your favorite paper format by printing out the Beans for Breakfast monthly print calendar. It’s available in letter size and A4 format, both files are 135 kb PDFs.

Letter size (Canada and USA)
A4 format (200 other countries)

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