A mother at the grocery store says to her small son, “Do you want to get some cookies?”

He scans the shelves, something catches his eye. He makes a small “Oh” sound and reaches toward a box of fruit snacks.

His mother snaps at him, “I said cookies!”

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  1. Years ago I sold Tupperware (yeah, I know.) I had a morning party once and the hostess served donuts for refreshments. Her kid comes home from kindergarten and wants a donut. “No, you can’t have a donut. You have to have lunch.” So she made him a marshmallow creme and jelly sandwich.

    Go figure!

  2. My two favorite breakfast foods are devils’ food chocolate cake with homemade cocoa butter cream frosting (one) or the crumbled chocolate crust key lime pie I make. Outrageous at any meal and the kicker – both of these contain substantial amouts of protein, vitamins, complex carbs and some of the stangest but most useful odd chemicals. plus, they taste just so darned good and are so rich that even eating all you want one rarely goes over a reasonable calorie or fat limit. Donuts, on the other hand….

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