Apathy & A Glass of Water

Here’s another batch of graffiti and street art photos. We’ll begin with a little apathy

Glass of water — a tag that I’ve only started seeing fairly recently — and a (likely older) Sars the Chicken. I haven’t noticed any new Sars Chickens in a while.

These little cardboard paintings have been surviving the weather up on telephone poles for a few seasons at least.

I’m guessing this one is Dayvd‘s.

…and a Cold K.

I’m presently at Vivace resizing these photos and posting the captions. The couple at the table across from me appear to be breaking up and its not going well. Based on the bits that I’ve overheard, I gather that the three women (all of different ages) at another table are talking to each other about their hearing loss.

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  1. Jeff-
    I enjoy your wonderful photos and writing. I didn’t realize that I was seated near “beans for breakfast” Fri. eve. May I say that your used book company is marvelous (Kidnapped is a family favorite) and I will be purchasing something soon. Lastly, you and Samantha make a lovely couple!

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