Everything Weekend

On Friday we went to the Dayments’ August Everything Party. Things took a surprising twist at around 9:00 when the party turned into a wedding.

[Samantha with a propellor mustache]

Samantha and I wandered around her neighborhood on Saturday afternoon. Things were blooming, and Samantha had to touch everything that had flowers or fruit. She broke off berries, flowers, and vegetables and broke them open to see what was inside. When she couldn’t break something open, she sawed it apart with her dull Perfumania pocket knife.

We saw b.b. guns at two different yard sales, and I bought an optical mouse for a dollar. Then we went back inside and Samantha beat Bowser in Super Mario World.

On Sunday, we went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe with John and Tyd. The fair had at least one of nearly every kind of animal that I can think of and several animals that I never would have thought of.

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