September 2004 Print Calendar

The Beans for Breakfast printable calendar for September is ready to be downloaded, printed out, and to have calendary things done with it.

I know that some of you will be concerned that the squares are slightly smaller this month. Others will ask, “What happened to the little circle at the top of the page? How am I supposed to center my thumbtack?” I sympathize with these issues, but I hope that you’ll focus on the strengths of this month’s calendar. For instance, the calendar comes packaged for two different paper formats with different, but equally satisfying, length/width ratios. (And besides, you can locate the middle of the page based on the thumbtack hole from the last calendar. Place September over August, line up the edges, and hold it up to a light. The August thumbtack hole will show through the page. Mark the spot on the September calendar with a pencil, and recycle August.)

The files are trim 57 kb PDFs:
A4 Format

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  1. Just printed mine out and stuck it up on my cubicle wall (Dilbert would be proud of me for being so decorative). I like the sticker of the man’s face, his head tilted down, and his eyes so sad. It’s kind of peaceful.

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