Bush Trophy for Auction

Samantha’s apolitical boss was convinced to make a contribution to the Republican party in exchange for an award and a “replica of George W. Bush’s cowboy hat” with one of his famous quotes printed on it. She got some grief from Samantha and the business’s bookkeeper, and eventually promised to give the hat to Samantha to auction off on Ebay in order to raise money for the Kerry campaign. (Unfortunately she doesn’t regret making the donation so much as she finds the auction idea sporting.)

So we have up for auction one slightly used trophy with a tiny reproduction of a George W. Bush’s cowboy hat mounted on it. The plaque has a genuinely hypocritical quote by President Bush printed on it. Hopefully we’ll be able to partly offset Samantha’s boss’s Republican donation with a progressive donation of our own. Proceeds from the sale will be used to make a donation to MoveOn.org — one of those controversial 527 organizations that’s putting out ads against Bush. (Contributions to the Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party have to go directly to the campaign — they can’t be raised by a third party like me.)

The auction is here. It ends on Monday, September 6. The opening bid is $5. Bid early and bid often!

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