(Nothing But) Flowers

Emptied store fronts with temporarily exposed structural elements and forgotten layers of drywall and paint…

This was a Chinese Restaurant (the one mentioned here) on Fourth Avenue.

The Bartell Drugs location at Broadway and Mercer closed up right around the time that its neighbor, Fred Meyer, closed.

A seasonal Halloween store started moving in last week. The block of Broadway between Mercer and Republican is getting another hit in October. Safeway is closing. There will be three large vacant stores on that block after QFC moves into the Broadway Market and the Halloween store has its clearance sale (insert graveyard pun here).

Powell’s is temporarily using Tower Records’ old slot on The Ave as a book buying venue, giving me a chance to have a closer look at the stripped down walls.

This former bookstore space is down the street from Powell’s temporary Seattle home.

This was a flower shop on The Ave. The crates hold the building blocks of a Starbucks franchise.

And cross back down to my neighborhood… This is the tile floor and foundation of the Hillcrest Market, closed after a big fire in July.

So it goes.

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