A Cold K Collection

I was gathering together another batch of sticker art photos and it sort of turned into a collection of Cold K photos.

Update: The Stranger published a short interview with the main Cold K artist. They also tagged their cover: “I used to live in the Central District, and one night when my girl and I were out on a walk, we saw a man get murdered. When I told the police, they wouldn’t even listen to me.”

This is down by the Seahawks and Mariners stadiums

Broadway Market

Tom and others have been posting a lot of Cold K photos on Flickr.

The garages for this apartment building (where I lived years ago) have been filling up with graffiti for a couple of years, including a Cold K and an old Pi. The graffiti may have inspired the street address and the mural that a tenant to painted a few months back. I figured they were drawn in chalk until I walked by the other day and saw that they were painted.

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  1. you’ve seen this week’s stranger, right? page 23 holds a conversation between the stranger and cold k. he doesn’t like the ‘pac man’ references to his ghosts.

    i’d link to it, but it’s not up on the web yet.

  2. Cold K is one of the illest writers in seattle!!! I have mad respect for that dude. He is killing it and throwin it down everywhere!!!

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