Yesterday Afternoon

  • A barista pours a leaf pattern in the top of a latte, panicking briefly near the end, and her coworkers cheer her.
  • A couple sitting at a table next to mine are talking with a realtor about an apartment in my building.
  • It dawns on me that the work I’d set out to do is more complicated than I’d thought it would be.
  • I’m distracted from work when I rediscover instant messenger.
  • To my surprise, Samantha slips in beside me with her coffee.
  • A woman screams at the baristas, “How can I be homophobic? I’m a lesbian myself!”
  • I close my laptop, Samantha is finishing the last several pages of her book, so I read a few pages of mine.
  • I wander over to the front and get a glass of water.
  • The barista and a police officer are filling out a trespassing complaint against the woman who’d made the scene earlier.
  • Two children play on an old Mac in the back corner. Music erupts occasionally from their computer’s tinny speakers.
  • Samantha finishes her coffee and the last page of Swann’s Way, and I ask her how it was. She says that Proust was very interested in recording all his memories. I mention that the book I was reading is about recalling memories, and I remark that its writer, wrote the most recent English translation of Swann’s Way.
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