1. I know Sam through some Amazon folks. She wrote the story. She pointed her editor to some of the pictures I’ve posted here and they asked me to send them a batch. They specifically wanted images of Cold K-related stickers. The Cold K coverage was cut from the final article, but they still used my photos.

  2. Hello,

    I made those stickers, I am NOT COLDK.

    I know who cold K is, personally and as an artist. He has taken credit for my work, and while I am happy to see my work in the Newspaper, it would please me more if you would correct the photo caption so that it reads MY name: Dwight Jonsson.

    Anyways, I appreciate you documenting my work, I would be happy to give you some fresh stickers (unpeeled) as a thank you for getting me the great publicity.

    Also, David says hello.

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