There’s a guy sitting at the window-facing counter at Top Pot. He keeps swearing and stumbling around, shuffling papers and spilling coffee. He only calls attention to himself occasionally, so he hasn’t been a nuisance. He’s talking to someone on his cell phone now. He just said, in a sort of whiney out-of-it voice, “Why? I don’t remember why I called you.” There’s a four inch thick textbook sitting at his side. It’s title is, “Gravity.”

It’s okay to write “textbook” as one word. This doesn’t go toward any sort of wordcount.

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  1. I have a copy of that textbook – it’s all about tensors (those mathematical constructs which define gravity) and is by John Wheeler, University of Texas/Austin and a world authority in the field of astrophysics and gravity. Wow, what the hell was that guy doing eating donuts (well, they’re actually yeast-enabled toruses, aren’t they! with their own strange gravity).

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