Hopkin: Still Lost

["Lost Frog" poster]

These photocopied “Lost Frog” fliers turn up infrequently in different neighborhoods around Seattle. The two or three times that I’ve seen them, they’ve left me confused. These posters are more disorienting than an impossibly positioned Cold K tag.

The web got ahold of the flier two weeks ago, and it’s been circulating among different message boards. Some of them linked to this old Beans for Breakfast entry. Photoshop skills were flexed, and finally someone on Metafilter (and apparently someone posting on this gated Filepile thread) did some research. The startling truth of the flier — the convoluted back story — is that Terry lost his toy frog, Hopkin. (It’s probably not a coincidence that the flier in the picture posted here was outside a closed-down toy store.)

The final straight forward explanation leaves me just as puzzled as when I was trying to find some hidden motive behind the posters.

(Thanks to Kat for pointing me to the second Metafilter thread.)

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  1. I’m glad that it’s real…it’s been puzzling me since I posted it on my fotolog -last- September. Poor Terry.

  2. And it was especially confusing when they sent this poor security guard to take them down. The guy on the other end of the walkie talkie sounded like he thought it contained state secrets or something.

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