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When I went out this morning to get my car, I found a yellow pickup in the spot where I’d parked. It had been stolen. It felt like there should have been more to it, but I don’t what I would expect that “more” to be. I paced around the neighborhood looking for it for twenty minutes, though I was certain that I’d left my car in that spot.

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  1. Oh man :( Sorry to hear about this. Maybe it’s just punks taking a joyride and you’ll get it back without any damage.

  2. The police officer wouldn’t cite any percentages, but the SPD website says that in 2002, 86% of stolen cars were recovered. I’ve filed an insurance claim and should be pretty much covered if the car doesn’t turn up. They’ll also cover rental car costs in the meantime.

    (There go my rates.)

  3. Ah, if only you hadn’t pimped out that ride so much. It’s hard to stay low key with those 22″ wheels and the gold plated door handles…

  4. Man, really sorry to hear that. I had some tools stolen recently, and they were found at a pawn shop, but it’s been six weeks now and the police paperwork still hasn’t gone through so I can pick them up. I hope your experience with SPD is good – they do the best they can, but there is a lot of of bureaucracy, and big wheels turn slowly (much more slowly than your pimped-out locking-rim low-profile gold spinners).

  5. Thanks for the reassuring comments everyone. The Sheriff’s Department have found the car and it’s more or less intact. I’ll post more about it later.

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