Cause and Effect

Two things about National Public Radio:

  • This morning NPR reported that it wasn’t clear whether the cloud of smoke that was released from the Sistine Chapel after the second Papal vote of the day was white or black. A white cloud would indicate that a new Pope had been elected. A black cloud would indicate that the Cardinals hadn’t arrived at a consensus. Then the Sistine Chapel bells were rung and the new Pope was announced, and NPR started reporting that the cloud had been white. A Pope was elected and that meant that, regardless of what color it had been, the cloud was white.
  • NPR provides a live news roundup at the begining of every hour. At a certain point in this news feed, the news reader announces his or her name and leaves a short pause before continuing with the headlines. This allows a graceful transition for stations that air a few minutes of local coverage in place of the second part of the national feed. During the daytime hours, KUOW provides local headlines in place of the second segment of the national feed. In the late evening, they air the complete national feed. The news reader for many of the late evening reports is Shay Stevens. I find myself tensing up whenever the pause approaches in one of her broadcasts. I hold my breath as she says, “I’m Shay Stevens,” and I listen for the almost inaudible sound of her swallowing a gulp of water before I start breathing again and she continues with the next headline.
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  1. after searching the name Shay Stevens, I came across this post and just wanted to say that you are not alone.

    I am desperate to hear that sound everynight and truly am a sucker for that low, smokey voice.

  2. I too made an internet search for the name Shay Stevens, and found this post as well. I’d like to weigh in as well by saying I LOVE her voice. It’s nice to hear during a jazz program. During early morning broadcasts I will occasionally wake up to her low, smokey voice as she announces the morning news. Ahhhh, it’s so comforting. It almost lulls me back to sleep! LOL.

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