Friends and Strangers

I have two 8’x10′ prints, one each of the two photos posted here. One is for the first friend or acquaintance who claims it with a comment that doesn’t use the letter “E”. The other goes to the first stranger or internet-only acquaintance who does the same, but with a comment that includes no vowels except for “E”. I can mail the print or hand deliver it, whichever makes sense.

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  1. Brings back a childhood horror. Familiar brick stack could fall. It did. Will this?

    (No print for Mom. Will not qualify–known tooooooo long. But you try–go for it!)

  2. Be free – send me the rest, lest they be ‘et.

    (ps, couldn’t help but try the second contest – now, my real comment)

    So, what ‘up with you this day? Giving pix away, you say?
    How ’bout using yours truly as a bin to unload such things?
    I kinda cotton for da guy on da bottom, but da pix on da top
    ain’t too bad.


  3. Alright. I’ll mail the first photo to Kat in Maryland.

    My mom has had, uh, unough with this offspring, and wants out. So photo #2 is for Chas, who I’ll probably talk to within a fortnight.


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