Now I’ve Heard Everything Else

Last night on Letterman, the musical guest was a loung-y big band act who played a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Today I overheard a guy answer his phone and identify himself as Oedipus. I’ll ask the obvious question: What mother names her son Oedipus?

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  1. Was it Paul Anka on Letterman? Because I am oddly (very oddly) addicted to that version of the song… that whole album is just bizarro. His covers of Jump and Wonderwall are… insane… yet fabulous. Also: Lovecats! Eye of The Tiger! Insanity!! Beyond the kitsch factor, he really exposes the POP behind all of those songs. A good pop song can be sung by anyone with a bit of talent and still sound great. And Kurt Cobain did once say that his songs were pop songs.

    I may also have mild brain damage from drinking too much ice water. So don’t mind me.

  2. Oh generation gap!!

    And who might name her child Lemony–oh, well, maybe Oedipus chose his, too.

    I did know a mother who named her son Cain.

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