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When I clicked on the link to (via Tom), I had the fully formed image of a blog about current events written from the point of view of the parallel universe Spock from the episode Mirror, Mirror — the one who had a goatee and who wasn’t bad himself, so much as he was from a bad universe.

The site is instead a collection of bad drawings of Spock, an infinitely better idea than mine.

Somewhere in a box at my parents house (or possibly in a landfill) there’s a bad drawing of Spock’s father, Sarek, along with the characters known only as Romulan Commander from Balance of Terror and Klingon Commander from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, drawn by me twenty years ago and signed by Mark Leonard, the actor who played all three characters. (Oh, my long suffering parents! They put hundreds of miles on their cars taking me to Star Trek conventions. Benjamin, spare me.)

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  1. Interesting, but he has left out a serious variable in his analysis. Really, wouldn’t you have to consider the fact that, for the most part, the red shirts were the “foot soldiers”. Not only were there more of them to get killed on missions, but they were the ones who were sent into the “trenches”. Blue was science. Yellow was command. The engineers (engineering smocks?) were busy dealing with the dilithium crystals and malfunctioning transporters.

  2. Away teams tended to be made up of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and one Ensign in a red shirt. If it were purely a matter of probability, one of the leads would have been a fatality in three out of every four away missions.

  3. i want to add a name-check here for the Alaskan Band “Spock’s Beard” as well as, a bit tangential, the band “Bad Teenage Moustache” which were allegedly a band but that is just hearsay, actually, since to me, they were just a sticker I saw around the East Village a lot in 2005.

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