Things Change

Tricia showing

Jeff practicing with Ever

Baby kicking

Our boy is due in just over four months. I did some stealth blogging about the pregnancy in November and December, and I’m making those entries visible today.

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  1. jeff! oh my goodness! congratulations! next time we are in seattle, we will have to get the boys together. sam xo

  2. Big CONGRATS from Korea!! I’m a little behind on anything online this year, but news like this is better late than never. Congrats to you and Tricia! Can’t wait to see the baby in July!

  3. totally wow – congrats to both of you and here’s Good Karma for everything which comes from now on. I’ve been hunkered down for a bit with an overload of projects so I haven’t been out and about. Hope to run into you randomly (as we sometimes do) but if not, enjoy these moments. Too bad about the Haagen Daz – those flavors which were left, they are not that good which is why no one buys them. No Ben and Jerry’s?

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