From Underneath

An exciting-looking dark purple cloud out past The Sound rises up in the west and then pushes itself inland. By the time I’ve dropped Samantha off at work and found a parking space up here, it’s reached out almost to the other horizon. From underneath, that cloud looks suspiciously like a drab gray sky.

Update: (The clouds were burned away quickly enough.)


[chalk on sidewalk: "2 ladies conversing"]

On Saturday someone walked up and down Broadway labeling some of the people and things that were found on the sidewalk.

[Women holding "Women in Black" banner]

Earlier in the week I saw this group. They had chosen their own label. Presumably they were protesting something. They just weren’t letting on exactly what it was.

In Lieu of Real Birds

[fluffy chick]

Last week Samantha’s store received two new deliveries of bird products. There was new ceramic chicken inventory and a box of six dozen yellow craft chicks. These guys are made from real feathers and lightweight synthetic bodies. Every bird is unique, but they’re variations of three basic poses. There’s the one shown here. Another pose has the bird’s head tipped a smidgen to the side. The third is like the first, except that the bird’s eyes and beak are glued to the back of its head. The chicks are priced to sell – only $5 apiece.

Samantha’s boss is entertained that I’ve been tracking the various birds that have been in and out of the store, and she let Samantha know that I should take one home. I chose one with a backwards head.

Last time I promised a shipment of taxidermied baby chicks. Now I have to report that the order has been canceled. But I’ve heard that there may be a shipment of baby ducks coming along shortly.

When this starts getting too morbid for you, I recommend cleansing yourself with a visit to Sensitive Light‘s recent batch of birdwatching photos.

After April Fool

My April Fool’s prank was a hit. I heard back from most of the targeted site’s owners and Mike Whybark worked everything out in the first twenty minutes.

What happened: I put together cloned versions of some of the sites that link to Beans for Breakfast, and I had a script substitute the clone for my usual site layout whenever someone arrived at my site via a link from one of the targeted sites. So some readers who followed links to this site from other weblogs yesterday saw a version of my site using a layout stolen from the linking site.

I bulldozed through the source code of several weblogs in a couple of sittings last week, replacing their content with Movable Type templates. I lost momentum at the end and didn’t get to a few of the sites I’d wanted to do. Also, the last couple that I did finish are lazier adaptations than some of the others. Here are some screenshots.

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